2020 Miss SAKE Hong Kong Application & Guidelines


To be eligible to participate in the Contest, the Contestant must fulfil each of the following requirements.

1. The Contestant must be Female;
2. The Contestant must be at least 21 years of age by 1 December 2019 and has not attained 30 years of age by 17 March 2020 ;
3. The Contestant must be holder of valid Hong Kong S.A.R. Identity Card and Passport;
4. The Contestant must be a person:
  • who has never been through any marriage ceremony either valid or invalid marriage, whether civil, religious, customary or tribal which is recognised as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world;
  • who has never been pregnant;
5. The Contestant must make herself available and be able to attend ALL the activities of Miss SAKE Hong Kong, including:
  • 2020 Miss SAKE Inauguration Ceremony in Kyoto, Japan


  • There is no height restriction.
  • There is no examination of the swimsuit.

    APPLY Now

    Fill in the online application and upload a half-length portrait and a full-length portrait (>3MB, resolution should be at least 3,000px X 2,000px height X width ).