Hong Kong Washu Awards



Japanese Sake has been a growing beverage category in Hong Kong in the past 5 years. The awareness and numbers of Japanese restaurants in all price tiers have been growing in Hong Kong.
One of the core missions of Miss SAKE Hong Kong is to promote Japanese Sake and Japanese Culture in Hong Kong. At the same time, it is our responsibility to celebrate and promote the significant contribution of Female Professionals in the Food & Beverage industry from both Hong Kong and Japan. We see there is a demand for this award in the market, conducted by only Female Judges, with a combination of both F&B professionals, Miss Sake Hong Kong, as well as Female Consumers.


  • Judge Panel except Leading Judge Committees is recuited by open aAdmission or invitation, including:
    F&B female professionals
    Women with certain certifications (eg. WSET)
  • The judge panel will be divided into small groups of 4-5 pax, led by members from Leading Judge Committees
  • All samples are judged by Blind Tasting.
  • Marking Scheme:
    13-15 points = Silver;
    16-18 points = Gold;
    19-20 points = Platinum
  • Judging Categories:
    Part I – Color (3 pts); Aroma (7 pts); Palate (10 pts);
    Part II – Best Packaging; Best Cost Performance

Main Category

Japanese Sake

Fruit Liquor

Umeshu(Plum Wine)

Japanese Wine

Crafted Spirits

Leading Judge Committee

Candace Poon

2020 Miss SAKE Hong Kong

Ayuchi Momose

Sake Samurai/Sake Sommelier

Mabel Lai

Wine Educator

Corinne Mui

Sake Samurai/Wine Educator

Rebecca Leung

Wine Educator

Dimple Yuen

Distiller (Two Moons Distillery)

Tersina Shieh

Winemaker/Wine Journalist

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